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What do I need to know to make a PIN for my library account?

How to Set Up Your PIN        

  A PIN is a code that helps protect your library account and your privacy. You will need it to use the library online. 

If you don't have a PIN yet, you can make one now.


Open Your Library Account in a New Window

                                My Library Account Opens in new window    

1.   Log in to your library account. Sign in with your name and library card number.  Leave the 'Enter Your PIN' field blank, and log in.

2.    This time, you will see the message, 'Please enter a new PIN.'

3.    Decide what 4-digit number you want for your PIN. It should be a number that is easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess. You may want to write it down so you don't forget it. (Note - if a PIN is super-easy, like 1234, or if it doesn't have exactly four numbers, the system won't accept it.) 

4.    Put your library card number in again (and your name if your name isn't already filled in), and enter your new PIN in the boxes where it says 'Enter Your PIN' and 'Enter Your PIN Again'.

5.    Click Login, and you are done!

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