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New Book Suggestion Form

  1. Use this form to suggest that the library purchase a book or other item not in the collection. The library appreciates your suggestion.

    Note: Since not all requests will be purchased, for books you may want to consider using our Interlibrary Loan service instead. In an Interlibrary Loan, any BOOK may be requested in person at the Reference Desk. (Interlibrary Loan service includes the Zip Book option - read about Zip Books if you aren't familiar with them.) You can be notified when your interlibrary loan book arrives. Please have your library card in hand if using the Interlibrary Loan Service.

  2. You may suggest a book, film, music, audiobook, magazine, or any library item.
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  4. Enter the first ten digits of your library card number (leave off the last four numbers.)
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  6. Enter the exact title of the book or item.
  7. Enter the author's name or the name of the performer or film director. For a magazine or newspaper just enter "periodical".
  8. Please enter the date the book was or will be published.
  9. Enter the International Standard Book Number if you have it. Do not include spaces or dashes.
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  12. The library does not guarantee purchase of all suggested items. If you would like to be notified automatically by email when a suggested item is added to the Library's collection, please follow the steps given at the link below to create a Preferred Search for your title. If you don't use email, simply keep checking the catalog to see if your item has been added.
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