First Floor, Eureka Library

Map of First Floor of Eureka Library Emergency exit door Emergency exit door Large meeting room for lectures, events and large story times  Young adult room, books of special interest to teens Spanish Language collection, spanish books and media for adults Reference book collection, books of fact that must always be available for use in the library and for this reason are not loaned out New arrivals, books that are new at the library Public internet workstations, numbered 1 through 8 Nonfiction, books of fact organized by subject numbers Nonfiction, books of fact organized by subject numbers Access ramp leading from accessible parking area to library porch and entrance Fiction, or novels and stories for adults, arranged by the author's last name Genre fiction, separate sections for Westerns, Science Fiction, and Mysteries Elevator to second floor Library catalog computers, used to find books and media in the library Word processing computers, used to create resumes, flyers, documents, and spreadsheets, please note that there is no internet access on word processing computers copy machine, paper copies are ten cents or you may scan to a flash drive using this machine copy machine, paper copies are ten cents or you may scan to a flash drive using this machine Children's room and children's service desk, children's librarian Restroom, all library restrooms are wheelchair accessible Restroom, all library restrooms are wheelchair accessible Circulation desk, check out and return your books here Magazines and newspapers, the most recent editions, older issues may be shelved on the second floor Paperback section for small-format paperback fiction Large print books are shelved along the wall near the windows Children's story room, smaller story-times and puppet shows take place here Library entrance featuring double doors that open automatically at center and swinging doors on either side Reference and information desk, ask research questions here or get help in findiing library materials

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Library Points of Interest, Locations & Features

Summer, 2021 - Please note that the 2nd Floor is temporarily closed. 

Popular items from that floor have been moved to the ground floor. Several areas have been rearranged for now. The map and description do not reflect these temporary changes.


 The library is intended to be accessible to people with disabilities. Certain access features you may wish to be assured of before your visit are shown on the map in blue. For more detailed and text-based information about access at the Main Library in Eureka, please read our description of Library Access for People with Disabilities.  Text information about the library in general follows in a-b-c order.

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The library logo - framed by a book, a mighty redwood stands by water and hills.

Art in the Library 

 The library walls and display cases feature art and artifact displays year round.  The Hagopian Art Gallery on the 2nd floor features new exhibits each month.

Audio & Visual Media  

 Movies, music, and audio books for adults are available on the 2nd floor. Turn left as you exit the stairs or elevator.  Those just for children are on the 1st floor in the Children's Room. Movies, music and audio books in Spanish are shelved with the Spanish Language Collection.

Book Return  

 The after-hours book return is located outside the building, at shoulder height on the outer wall just to the right of the library entrance.


 The Serendipity Bookstore offers used books, audio books, and other materials at bargain prices.  The bookstore is operated by the Friends of the Redwood Libraries. All funds raised are used for projects that support the library. The store is located on the 2nd floor.  You will find the bookstore entrance to your left as you walk into the Audio Visual area.

Bulletin Board  

 A bulletin board is on the wall between the magazine area and the Children's Room. The board features flyers and announcements of non-profit, cultural, and educational public events in our community. A poster kiosk outside the library also provides community event information. To request that your notice be posted, please bring it to the Reference Desk.

Catalog Stations  

 You can find books and other library materials by using our Online Catalog computer stations.  Catalog stations are scattered through the library, including in the Adult nonfiction area, in the Children's Room, and upstairs in the Media Room and Humboldt Room.

Children's Desk   

Ask questions and get help in using anything in the Children's Room at this service desk, where you'll often find a librarian on duty. The Children's Desk is marked on the map as number 8.

Circulation Desk  

 You can check out library materials, get a library card, return books, pay your fines, and renew books here. This desk is marked on the map as number 3.

Computer Stations:

Computer workstations dedicated to a variety of uses are located throughout the library, including catalog stations, word processing stations, public internet stations, and more.

Copy Machines  

 On the first floor there's a copy machine near the reference desk, and another near the children's desk.  On the second floor there is a copy machine in the periodical room.  A color copier is available on the 2nd floor in the Humboldt Room; please ask staff to help you use the color copier.

Drinking Fountain  

 Two water fountains are located on the right hand side of the outer lobby as you enter the library.  They are placed at different heights for your convenience.


 The elevator and stairs are located in the center of the library, across from the Reference Desk. The elevator is marked on the map as number 5.

Emergency Exits  

  In an emergency please go to the nearest exit.   There are emergency exits in the children's room near the copy machine, in adult nonfiction on the West wall near the wi-fi plug-in counter, and upstairs in the media room and periodicals room.  Emergency exits are marked (E) on the map. 


The library entrance features automatic doors that open at your approach. Step into the lobby to find a pay telephone on your left and drinking fountains on your right.  Then there's another set of double doors, and you have entered the library lobby.  Restrooms are to your right. The large meeting room is to your left. The library's indoor book return, circulation desk, and first floor are straight ahead. 

Fiction Collection  

The fiction collection is shelved in order by the author's last name.  The fiction collection includes novels and stories to satisfy a wide variety of reading interests, from bestsellers to lesser-known literary gems, and from cult favorites to classics. Mystery, science fiction, and western genres are shelved as smaller collections in the adult fiction area. Paperback fiction is shelved along the wall at the back of this section.  

Hagopian Art Gallery  

 Collections of work by local artists and photographers rotate through the library's art gallery. It is located on the 2nd floor.

Humboldt Room  

 This peaceful 2nd floor room, with a view of the harbor, is the showpiece of the library. This is our local history collection. Books, photos, maps, journals, yearbooks, rare documents and other materials for reference use are shelved here. A service desk, most often staffed by helpful and knowledgeable volunteers, is located just inside the door on your right as you enter. A copy machine is available for your use, featuring both black and white and color copies.

Internet Terminals  

These are available for public use. Bring your library card or ask at the Reference Desk for a guest pass. You may print from these stations. Pay for your prints at the Reference Desk.

Japanese Language Collection  

 A small collection of books in the Japanese and Chinese languages is available in shelves built into the reference desk, along the public side of the back of the desk. This collection was first created in honor of Eureka's Sister City relationship with Kamisu, Japan.  

Large Print Books  

 Books in large type are shelved along the north wall of the library. As you face the windows and enjoy the view of the harbor and bridge,  you can see this collection along the walls to either side of the windows.  This substantial collection runs around the northeast corner of the room and continues along the wall between the fiction collection and the Children's Room. The north wall and large print book area are marked on the map as number 4.

Literacy Collection  

 Readers that are more fun for grownups. A small collection of books for adults who are learning to read can be found at the reference desk. They are found on shelves facing out from the desk toward the 920 nonfiction area.

Magazines and Newspapers  

 Recent copies are found in the newspaper reading area on the first floor, which provides comfortable seats for readers. Older magazines and newspapers may be found on the 2nd floor in the Newspaper Back Files room beyond the Audio Visual collection. Check our Magazine & Newspaper List to see what the library has in stock.  Also, see our eBooks page for  eMagazines that you can download or read online, and our Articles and Databases web page to search for full text magazine and newspaper articles by subject.  The library subscribes so that you can get the information for free with your library card.

Meeting Room   

The Large Meeting Room is located to your left as you enter the library.
Meeting room use policies can be found online.

Microfilm Reader-Printers  

 Microfilm of local newspapers and microfilm reading and printing machines are available in the newspaper back files room on the 2nd floor.  Printing from the microfilm costs 25 cents per page.  


 The mystery, science fiction, and western genres are shelved as smaller collections in the fiction area. This area is marked on the map as number 6. In the fiction section, as you approach the Children's Room down the fiction aisle, all of these small collections are on your right. Look at the small white signs on the ends of the shelves to find the correct section.

New Arrivals Shelf  

  New adult fiction and nonfiction are displayed to your left as you approach the Reference Desk from the library entrance. Fiction faces out, and nonfiction is on the reverse side of the shelf.  The new arrivals shelf is marked on the map as number 2.

Nonfiction Collection   

This collection supports the education, information and cultural needs of our community. You can check these books out. Books in the nonfiction collection are organized by subject, using the Dewey System which assigns a number to each subject.  Thus, in the Humboldt County Library and in most public libraries around the USA, you'll find books about tame animals at call number 636, and books specifically about dogs at call number 636.7,

Oversized Books  

 Most large books fit on the library's ordinary shelves, but certain volumes are so very large that they are shelved separately. You will find these on the north wall of the library, near the northwest corner of the building. As you face the windows showing a view of the harbor, the oversized books are on the wall to your left, near the corner of the room.

Paperback Fiction  

 Paperback fiction is shelved along the wall between the mystery books and the Children's Room.

Parenting Corner  

 For the convenience of parents, a small collection of books, pamphlets, DVDs, videos, and audiobooks on parenting issues is kept in the southwest corner of the Children's Room, near the door to the Story Room.   As you step through the main Children's Room doorway, you will see the Parenting Corner on your right.


Near the accessible parking area, a ramp leads to the library entrance. The emergency exits from the adult reading area and the Children's Room also feature ramps.

Reference Collection  

 Reference materials are especially useful sources of information that are kept by the library to be available to all library users. They include, but aren't limited to, the following resources: 
  • Atlases & Maps
  • Auto Repair Information
  • Databases
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Government Documents of Local Interest
  • Historical Documents of Local Interest
  • Medical Reference Books
  • Microfilm Copies of Local Newspapers
  • Sources of Statistics
  • Telephone Books

The Reference Collection Includes Free Access to Online Encyclopedias, Magazines, eBooks, and More.

 Most can be used from home at any hour by visiting the library website Articles & Databases page. You will need a library card when using the library's online services.

Reference Desk 

  At the reference desk you can ask questions, get help with research, request books from other libraries, and get assistance in using books, computers, and reference materials. The location of the Reference Desk is marked on the map as number 1.


  Men's and women's restrooms are located near the library entrance, on the right as you walk in. A child-sized restroom is available in the Children's Room. Restrooms are accessible to wheelchair users and feature hand rails and Braille signage.

Science Fiction  

  The Science Fiction, Mystery, and Western genres are shelved as smaller collections in the fiction area. As you approach the Children's Room down the Fiction aisle, Science Fiction is on your right. Look at the small white signs on the ends of the shelves to find the correct section. (The genre fiction area is marked on the map as number 6.)

Spanish Language Collection  

 This substantial collection is located to your left as you pass the circulation desk on entering the library.  Turn left before you reach the New Arrivals shelf, walk past the Young Adult Room and you will find the books in Spanish in the large shelves to your right. You'll also find materials in Spanish for children in the Children's Room and Spanish-language materials for Young Adults in the Young Adult Room.

Story Room  

 This little room is used for cozy story times, and features stepped floor seating and a built-in puppet stage.  You will find it just inside the entry to the children's room, the first door on your right. The Story Room is marked on the map as number 7.


A pay telephone is located in the lobby, to your left as you enter the library.


 There is a typewriter available for public use on the library's second floor in the Newspaper Back Files Room.  There are also several word-processing computers located on the first floor.

Video Return  

 Next to the After Hours Book Return, this is a slot in the front wall outside the building, on the library porch and to the right of the library entrance, for after-hours returns of videos, dvds, and music.

Western Novels   

The western, science fiction, and mystery genres are shelved as smaller collections in the fiction area. As you approach the Children's Room down the fiction aisle, westerns are on your right. Look at the small white signs on the ends of the shelves to find the correct section. This area is marked on map as number 6.

Word Processing Stations  

 These stations are located in the seating area west of the Reference Desk. These computer stations allow you more time, and feature a range of useful software including word processing, résumé software, and spreadsheets. The word processing computers do not connect to the Internet.  Bring a USB flash drive or thumb drive to save your work and/or transfer it to the Internet.  If you don't  have a USB drive, they are available at the Serendipity Bookstore on the second floor of the library and cost less than five dollars.   You may print from the Word Processing stations. Pay for your prints at the Reference Desk, 10 cents per page.

Young Adult Room   

Located to your left as you pass the Circulation Desk on entering the library, this room is stocked with books, audio books and magazines of interest to teens. Seating is reserved for teens and family members who come with them.