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Search for a film at the library

In the library catalog, you can search for a movie in several ways 

Title Search 

 This is fast and easy If you know the title of the movie. 

Author Search (Used Also for Actors, Directors, etc.)

Use this search to find a full list of movies featuring a particular actor, or director (be sure to put the last name first, as in "Garbo, Greta"). 

Keyword Search

Use the most unusual words in the title and add the keyword DVD to your search.

Advanced Search

If you want to find all of the films we have on a subject (fairies, for instance, or knitting) you can use the Advanced Search. Choose Subject for the top search bar and type ’Fairies’. Then pick ’DVD’ from the Material Type box, and search.

Want to See a List? Search by Call Number!

Choose the Call Number search from the list in the right-hand menu when you are in the catalog.  For the call number, type ’DVD’.  The list you get by searching that way shows you up to ten thousand dvds - starting with any that have a zero in the call number or in the title.  But you can get a shorter list by trying a search like these -

Search  ’DVD M’  to get tv and drama movies like MASH, Ma & Pa Kettle, Macbeth, and all the library’s films that have titles that start with M.

Search  ’DVD 9’  to get titles that start with 9, plus documentaries about history, biography, or travel (topics from the Dewey Decimal 900s).

If you know the call number for your subject, you can get more exact and search ’DVD 914’ to get travel films about Europe and European countries.

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