Real Property & Right of Way


The real property functions performed by the Unit include maintaining documents related to the real property owned by the County.  These include County buildings such as the Clark Complex and Road Maintenance Stations; County Parks such as A. W. Way; County airports such as Arcata-Eureka Airport; as well as vacant land.  

The Unit maintains documents related to the public's lease and/or license of County owned property. Such leases or licenses include hangar leases at County Airports, such as the Security National hangar at the Arcata-Eureka Airport; licenses to maintain monument signs on County property; leases for restaurants at County Airports, such as the Silver Lining at the Arcata-Eureka Airport.
Note:  The leasing of private property for official County business is handled by a Senior Real Property Agent staffed within the Facilities Management Division.
The right of way functions performed by the Unit include maintaining documents related to the various rights of way that the County owns.  These include public road easements; public utility easements; drainage easements; vehicular access rights restrictions; slope easements; etc.  The Unit also assists the Engineering Division with construction projects by acquiring any needed right of way.  The Unit performs title searches and prepares appraisals.
Note:  The Department does not locate right of way for the public.  In many instances, the road is not centered within the right of way.  The public must hire a Land Surveyor to locate the limits of the County right of way as well as their property corners.