County Surveyor

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The County Surveyor does not survey private property.  Contact a licensed land surveyor for this work. The Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists has published a consumer guide to aid the public in selecting a licensed land surveyor. 


The County Surveyor reviews subdivision maps, Records of Survey, and lot line adjustments, as well as:

  • Maintains the County Surveyor’s Map Index of filed maps and unrecorded surveys
  • Maintains the Surveyor’s Library (unrecorded surveys)
  • Reviews and files Corner Records
  • Administers the Monument Preservation Fund
  • Facilitates boundary corrections
  • Fields general questions regarding property boundaries.

Under the County Surveyor’s direction, field crews within the Survey Section also provide field surveying for:

  • County roads
  • County airports
  • County parks, trails, beaches, and community forest
  • County drainage systems and facilities
  • County owned property and facilities
  • County leased property and facilities
  • Monument preservation

The County Surveyor prepares the associated mapping, boundary surveys, and survey document preparation for projects related to the above facilities.

Helpful links and reference materials:

 Year-End Filing / Recording of Subdivision Maps

The following are submittal deadlines in order to facilitate the filing / recording of Subdivision Maps before the end of the calendar year. All maps shall be signed by all owners, trustees / beneficiaries (if any) and the County Tax Collector. All clearances must obtained, Public Works billing reconciled, and County Surveyor map check requirements completed by the dates below:

  • Parcel Maps (Minor Subdivision) with no Board of Supervisors action required: December 15th.
  • Parcel Maps (Minor Subdivision) that require Board of Supervisors action due to Vacation / Abandonment or other circumstances: November 15th.
  • Final Maps / Tract Maps (Major Subdivision): November 15th.

Notary Seals on Maps – DO NOT STAMP OR SEAL!

Pursuant to Government Code Section 66436(c) & 66445(e) a notary seal is not required if the name of the notary, the county of the notary’s principal place of business, and the notary’s commission expiration date are typed or printed below or immediately adjacent to the notary’s signature in the acknowledgement.  

2022/23 Fees (effective date 05/29/2023):

Checking of Parcel Maps and Final Maps

Actual cost with an initial deposit of $1,800 + $120 per lot/parcel + Index Fee

Checking of Record of Surveys

Actual cost with an initial deposit of $600 + Index Fee

Checking of Certification of Corrections

$300 each + Index Fee

Checking of Corner Records

$16 each

 Application for Boundary Correction

Actual cost with an initial deposit of $300

 Index Fee

$13 first page + $3 each additional page