County Surveyor


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The County Surveyor does not survey private property.  Contact a licensed land surveyor for this work.

The County Surveyor reviews subdivision maps, Records of Survey, and lot line adjustments, as well as:

  • Maintains the County Surveyor's Map Index of recorded maps and unrecorded surveys
  • Maintains the Surveyor’s Library (unrecorded surveys)
  • Reviews and files Corner Records
  • Administers the Monument Preservation Fund
  • Facilitates boundary corrections
  • Fields general questions regarding property boundaries.

Under the County Surveyor’s direction, field crews within the Survey Section also provide field surveying for:

  • County Roads
  • Airports
  • Parks
  • Drainage
  • County Facilities
  • Monument Preservation

The County Surveyor prepares the associated mapping, boundary surveys, and survey document preparation for projects related to the above facilities.

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2018/19 Fees (effective date 01/03/2019):

Checking of Parcel Maps and Final Maps

Actual cost with an initial deposit of $1600 + $120 per lot/parcel + Index Fee

Checking of Record of Surveys

$516 for first sheet + $200 each additional sheet + Index Fee

Recheck fees apply after 3rd check

Checking of Certification of Corrections

$280 each + Index Fee

Checking of Corner Records

$16 each

 Application for Boundary Correction

Actual cost with an initial deposit of $400

 Index Fee

$13 first page + $3 each additional page