Property Tax

The County of Humboldt Auditor-Controller's office is responsible for calculating property tax rates, apportioning tax revenues, and maintaining the county tax rolls by processing roll corrections, issuing refunds, and applying direct charges for special districts.

​Please see the documents listed on this page for more information about direct charges for special districts and reports for property taxes in general for the County of Humboldt.

Excess Proceeds

Excess proceeds from tax sales are processed one year after the sale date. All claims have to be reviewed before being presented to the Board of Supervisors for approval. Once approved, clams will be paid after a mandatory 90-day waiting period. This process is lengthy and at this time our office is short-staffed which is contributing to delays. Please direct all inquires about excess proceeds to our Property Tax inbox and we will respond with information as promptly as we are able. Thank you for your patience.

​​Property Tax Refunds

Refunds are processed daily. Depending on the type of refund, you may be asked to sign a claim form to verify the information. All inquiries about refunds can be directed to our Property Tax inbox.​

Property Tax Documents