Interlibrary Loans

Requesting an item not found in the Library Catalog

If the material you want is not available in the Humboldt County Library Catalog, you may request it as an Interlibrary Loan or as a Zip Book. For this service, the Library borrows materials from other libraries or acquires a needed book on your behalf.  

New materials less than one year old cannot be borrowed from other libraries.  Instead, please make a Purchase Suggestion.

For an Interlibrary loan, you need

  • Your full-service library card
  • The title and author of the book or article
  • The publication date of the book or article

Request an Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Button - fill out the online form.

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Returning Your Loan

Please return the item in person to the service desk at your nearest branch library. Let them know you are returning an Interlibrary Loan book. 

Please do not return Interlibrary Loan items in the book drop. 

How long will it take for my book, microfilm, or article copy to get here?

Items borrowed from other library systems may take from two to six weeks to arrive.  Difficult items may take longer. 

Materials such as entire issues of magazines, rare or valuable books, reference books, genealogy or microforms can be difficult to borrow.  When requesting them, be sure to let us know if your request should be cancelled if not filled by a certain date. If you want to check the availability of your item in other libraries, you can search WorldCat.

What if the other library wants to charge a fee?

Usually, interlibrary loan does not come with a cost to you. But, sometimes, the only library willing to lend may charge a fee. We will check with you before borrowing in that case. Also, we will be sure to contact you if we just can't get your item for any reason.

How long can I have the item, and can I renew an Interlibrary Loan?

For Interlibrary Loan items, the library that owns the item sets the due date, tells us whether you can renew it, and may specify in-library use only for certain special books or materials. Your due date will be noted on the paperwork that comes with your item. 

Any request for renewal should be made 5 days in advance of the due date. 

You may have a total of four (4) Interlibrary Loan requests at any one time. This includes article photocopy requests.