Economic Development

Entrepreneurs abound in Humboldt County and our economic development strategy is all about helping businesses thrive here.

Prosperity! 2012, the comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) for Humboldt County, drives the programs and projects of the county’s Economic Development Team. An industry-cluster and entrepreneurship-based strategy, the Board of Supervisors originally adopted Prosperity in 1999, and a full update - Prosperity! 2012  - was completed with broad community engagement in March 2013.


The county Economic Development Team plays a key role in economic development by:
  • Convening business leaders in the target industries
  • Listening to their needs
  • Advocating for those needs
  • Garnering resources to address target industry priorities
  • Facilitating collaboration among leaders and agencies to address those priorities


The team staffs two commissions, each of which provide community leadership and oversee a set of programs and projects:

Collaboration Efforts

In a rural community with limited resources, collaboration is essential to achieving results that an individual agency cannot do alone. The Prosperity Network is comprised of many that have been working together since 1999 to seamlessly deliver high quality technical assistance and funding for business start-up and expansion, and to keep the focus on priorities of our target industries.

The county’s economic development efforts are primarily funded through federal and state grants. Since Prosperity’s 1st adoption in 1999, county economic development has brought in over $55 million. Take a look at our past and current projects and programs.