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Agriculture Commissioner

  1. Agricultural Commissioner Crop Damage Survey

    The week of February 25, 2019 Humboldt County received significant rainfall which resulted in flooding in agricultural areas of the... More…


  1. Aviation Work Order Request

    To better serve the needs of the airport tenants, the department offers an online work order request system. Tenants are encouraged to... More…

CAO Forms

  1. Damage Report

    Please provide information related to the recent emergency. This information can aid the county and those affected in their recovery... More…

  2. Humboldt County Court-Appointed Attorney Program (HCAAP) Application

    Application for the Humboldt County Court Appointed Attorneys Program (HCAAP)

  3. Public Safety, Essential Services Tax Quarterly Reports

    Each quarter, agencies that receive funds from the Humboldt County Local Public Safety and Essential Services tax must submit reports... More…

  1. HCAAP - Request a Private Defense Attorney

    The Humboldt County Superior Court, Humboldt County Public Defender and/or Conflict Counsel may request a private defense attorney to... More…

  2. Indigent Defense Billing Form

    For Indigent Defense charges


  1. Poll Worker Application
  1. Voter Information Guide Opt-Out/Opt-In

    You can choose to view your voter information guide (sometimes referred to as a sample ballot booklet) and opt out of receiving one in... More…

General Forms

  1. Accessible Information Request Form

    If you use assistive technology (such as a Braille reader, a screen reader, or TTY) and the format of any material on this Web site... More…

  2. Vendor Feedback Form

    Please tell us about your experience participating in Lunch on the Green.

  3. Website Question/Comment Form
  1. ADA Complaint Form

    ADA Complaint Form

  2. Vendor Participation Form - Vendor/Benefits Fair

    This form expresses your interest in participating as a vendor at the county's Vendor/Benefits Fair at All Hands Training Day.

Library Forms

  1. Comments about the Library Website

    This form goes to the webmaster. Use it for specific comments and suggestions about the library website or to report website problems... More…

  2. Humboldt County Library Donation Form

    Fill and print this form when making a donation of money to support the Humboldt County Library System or any of its Branch Libraries.

  3. New Book Suggestion Form

    Use this form to suggest that the library purchase a book or other item not in the collection. The library appreciates your... More…

  1. Connect with a Librarian

    Use this form to ask a question, make a comment, or sign up for an e-card.

  2. Local History Search Request Form

    If you live outside of Humboldt County, you may fill this form, print it out and mail it to submit a question that requires local... More…

  3. Obituary Search Request Form - Humboldt County Library

    For those making long-distance requests, our Obituary Search service is available by mail for a fee of ten dollars ($10.00). You may... More…

Office of Emergency Services

  1. 2018 Northern California Fire Information Form

    The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services is currently assessing support services needed for evacuees coming to... More…

  2. Damage Report - 2019-10-26 PG&E Power Shutoff

    Please provide information related to the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). This information can aid the county and those... More…

  1. Damage Report - 2019-10 PG&E Power Shutoff

    Please provide information related to the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). This information can aid the county and those... More…

Planning & Building

  1. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Survey 2

    This brief anonymous survey is to gather public input in Accessory Dwelling Units, suggest areas where they may be most useful, and... More…

  2. Tiny House Survey

    The county is in the process of gathering public comments and ideas around the topic of Tiny Houses. Here are a few areas where some... More…

  1. Planning & Building Feedback Form

Public Defender

  1. Public Defender Confidential Intake Form

    Please take a few minutes to fill in this form before you come in for your first office appointment with your attorney. We will use... More…

Public Works

  1. ADA Access Service Request for County Maintained Roads

    This form is used to notify the Department of accessibility issues on County maintained roads. If the issue is located in an... More…

  2. Request for Service on County Maintained Roads Form (Potholes, etc...)

    This form is used to notify the Department of road maintenance needs on County maintained roads.

  1. Annual Encroachment Permit Holder Project Notification Form & Emergency Work Notification Form

    Holders of an Annual Encroachment Permit (AKA "Special Permit") shall notify the Department when performing work in the County right of... More…

  2. Sign-up for the Humboldt County Fire Safe Council E-mail List

    Sign-up to receive information on wildfire preparedness, Humboldt County Fire Safe Council meetings and activities, and more.

Public Works - Engineering

  1. Bidder's List Application

    This list is comprised of contractors and subcontractors who have bid within the past 5 years on a public works construction project.... More…

  2. Public Works Engineering Project Comment Card

    This Comment Card is to be used to solicit public comment for ongoing public work projects. This is a generic form that does not... More…

  1. Project Notification Form

    This form is to create a list of property owners, stakeholders, newspapers and the general public who wish to be notified of events,... More…

  2. Public Works Title VI Complaint

    This form is for individuals or groups to file a Title VI Discrimination Complaint with the Department of Public Works. It is taken... More…



    Purchasing Vendor Enrollment Form

Sheriff's Office

  1. Security Camera Registration

    The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office needs your help in crime detection and prevention by taking part in registering your camera in our... More…

  2. Sheriff's Online Crime Report

    Welcome to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Online Police Reporting System. If this is an Emergency please call 911. Using this... More…

  1. Sheriff's Crime Tip Form

    This form was designed to accept crime tip information. If you are a victim of a crime, please use our online crime reporting form:... More…