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2019 Cannabis Crop Report Questionnaire

  1. Dear Cannabis Program Licensee:

    Legislation approved last year (SB 657, Monning) authorizes the County Agricultural Commissioner to collect and publish cannabis crop production data in a County Annual Crop Report. Cannabis crop production information reported through this survey will be handled with the same confidentiality as the data supplied by the producers of other agricultural commodities. All crop production data reported to the Commissioner’s Office is strictly confidential. Each reporting individual’s data is combined with other producers to provide a total gross production estimate for Humboldt County. This approach ensures that individual data is not identifiable in the report.

    The Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is proud of the role we have played in bringing the Cannabis industry into a legal market. We are also extremely grateful for the positive working relationships we have built with members of the cannabis industry. It is our hope you will share with us the cannabis production data needed for a first of its kind Humboldt County Cannabis Crop Report. Publication of cannabis crop production data is important as it will eventually help to stabilize the cannabis marketplace by providing information for planning resources needed for harvests, processing, pricing, and transportation. Crop report data users include: agricultural suppliers, credit suppliers, research and education agencies, farm labor contractors and health and disease programs.

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