This division of the County Administrative Office is responsible for managing the county’s utilities, radio and telephone systems, and cable television franchises.

Utility Management

Utility bill management entails monthly utility invoice auditing, payment, and cost distribution to county departments for electricity, gas, water and sewer, and waste disposal service usage. 

Radio & Telephone Systems

The primary functions in both the radio and telephone programs consist of:
  • Capitalization Fund Management
  • Maintenance Contract Administration
  • Monthly Bill Auditing
  • Operation and licensing compliance
  • Payment and Cost Distribution to Departments
  • Repair and Installation Coordination
  • System Design and Equipment Specification
The radio system includes all federally licensed equipment and frequencies that operate through the courthouse emergency dispatch center, Public Works dispatch center, and 7 remote mountaintop radio repeater sites.

Radio communications equipment includes:
  • Accessories
  • Portable (Handheld) Radios
  • Base Station Radios
  • Power Supply
  • Mobile (Vehicle) Radios
  • Radio Repeater System Infrastructure

Telephone systems include all analog, digital, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and cellular telecommunications equipment and services provided to county departments and facilities.