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Deputy Coroners Jamie Barney, Chad Zeck and Trevor Enright outside the Coroner’s Office

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8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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The Coroner investigates all deaths reportable to the coroner, safeguards the property of the deceased, notifies and counsels next of kin, conducts inquests, administers estates, and provides burial for indigent persons.

The Sheriff-Coroner is also the Public Administrator in Humboldt County. This is a related but separate responsibility. The Public Administrator is an advocate of the decedent and his/her heirs. The Sheriff-Coroner will administer or probate an estate which is intestate (without a Will) at the request of the heirs, or when the heirs decline to act, or when there is a will and the executor/executrix request by the Public Administrator, or when there are no known heirs, or when appointed to do so by the Superior Court.

We at the Coroner-Public Administrator's Office extend our deepest sympathy to you in this difficult time. We would be pleased to talk with you and your family about your special needs or circumstances.

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