About Us

Sheriff’s patrol car at the beach


I am honored to be the Sheriff of such a beautiful county that is filled with people who want to make this community thrive. I want to thank the Humboldt County voters for passing the public safety sales tax, Measure O. This measure ensures that the Sheriff’s Office will be able to fill needed public safety positions for years to come. I am very thankful for the great community support we have for the Sheriff’s Office and their employees. Our core values are the keys to the successes we have with our community: Respect, Fairness, Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Innovation, Collaboration, Involvement, and Opportunity.

The public safety challenges in California have become increasingly more difficult. Our law enforcement community deals with policing a county that has some of the highest per capita homicide, overdose, suicide, and child abuse rates in the state. I am happy to say that every day we have brave men and women that suit up to answer the call. These men and women show daily the professionalism and compassion to humbly serve this fine community. I want to thank them for their daily sacrifice to serve.

I am also thankful that we have the community’s trust and we look forward to working collaboratively to solve the problems that our community faces in the coming years. For “Community Policing” to be a success, we must have a community that wants to engage and be involved. If you have not gotten involved in making Humboldt County thrive, please become a community volunteer, start a neighborhood watch, take part in a cleanup crew, or help one of our local schools. You can make a difference.