Engineering Division


The goal of the Engineering Division is to implement efficient and cost effective services to preserve and enhance our County streets, bike paths, and sidewalks. Engineering staff works closely with the Road & Equipment Maintenance, Environmental Services, and the Aviation Divisions to provide professional engineering services. 

The Engineering Division is comprised of four sections: Engineering Design, Construction Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Materials Testing Lab. The Design Section designs roads, bridges, parks and airport facilities, and oversees design work contracted to consulting engineers.  The Construction section is responsible for administering construction contracts, inspecting projects during construction to assure compliance with the design plans and specifications, and good engineering practices.  The Traffic Engineering section works closely with the Design section as well as providing assistance to the Land Use and Road & Equipment Maintenance Divisions. The Materials Lab works closely with both Engineering Design and Construction Engineering, providing support to both these sections. 

In 2014, Engineering awarded over $5 million in construction contracts and has a back log of over $8 million in storm and earthquake damage projects. Recent State Transportation Improvement and/or Safe Route to School projects include the realignment and construction of a roundabout on School Road in McKinleyville, the Realignment of Union Street, and Sea Avenue in Eureka, and the construction of sidewalks in Grant Elementary School, Redway Elementary School, along Myrtle, Harris and Lucas Street.