Press Releases

July 16, 2019



Thanks to the work of the dedicated staff of the Assessor’s Office, Mari Wilson, Humboldt County Assessor, is pleased to inform the public that the 2019-2020 assessment roll has been completed. The annual assessment roll generates the property tax revenue used, in part, to fund schools and various local government services, such as law enforcement, roads, public health, and safety services.

The values are now available on the County’s new website at Assessments can be searched by parcel number, assessment number, or street address.

Value notices are produced for changes in value other than the yearly inflation factor applied per Proposition 13 and are also available through the online search. Changes in value other than the yearly inflation factor might occur because the current real estate climate has reduced the market value of the property below its Proposition 13 factored base year value, ownership changes, new construction, construction in progress, business property assessments, and restricted value of property under the Williamson Act or TPZ.

Property owners without access to the county website can obtain a printed value notice by calling the Assessor’s Office at 445-7663 or toll free (866) 240-0485 and requesting a notice be sent to them. Owners can also make written request to Assessor Mari Wilson, 825 5th Street, Room 300, Eureka, CA 95501 or come to that location to request a notice in person. This contact information can also be used for any questions you have regarding your assessed values.

In addition to value information the website offers maps, frequently used forms, links to property tax information, and general office information. The Assessor’s main web page is available at

The Assessor’s Office is dedicated to ensuring that all taxpayers of Humboldt County receive an equitable, accurate and timely assessment of their taxable property in accordance with California’s property tax laws.