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What is California Senate Bill 1421 (SB-1421)?

California Senate Bill 1421 (SB-1421), which became law on January 1, 2019, amends California Penal Code sections 832.7 and 832.8 relating to peace officer records. SB-1421 requires certain peace officer personnel records and records relating to specified incidents, complaints, and investigations involving peace officers to be made available for public inspection pursuant to the California Public Records Act. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is fully committed to complying with the new law. Because the law is complex, we want you to know a few important points. If you want to read the law in its entirety, click here.

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1. What is California Senate Bill 1421 (SB-1421)?
2. What categories of records must be made public under SB-1421?
3. What does "sustained finding" mean?
4. If I request a qualifying record, will I get every part of the record, in its entirety?
5. Aside from the mandated information is there anything else that the Department can choose to redact?
6. Can the Department withhold a record that falls into one of the disclosure categories?
7. How long will it take to get my requested record(s)?
8. How will I get my redacted records?
9. What is Senate Bill 978?
10. What is Assembly Bill 481?
11. Where are the audio/video files associated with the released SB 1421/ AB 748 records?
12. How do I request a record?
13. Are there costs associated with obtaining a record held by the Sheriff's Office?