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How do I get my juvenile records sealed?
Juvenile records aren't sealed automatically, they must be ordered sealed by the juvenile court. To begin the process, contact the Probation Department to request a Juvenile Record Sealing packet. Once the packet is returned to Probation, a probation officer will interview you, conduct an investigation, and provide a report to the court recommending whether or not your record should be sealed. You will be notified by the Probation Department of the date and time of the court hearing. There is $150 non-refundable application fee for record sealing due at the time the packet is returned to the Probation Department (a fee waiver may be granted by the court depending upon your financial situation).

If the court orders your records sealed, a copy of the order will be sent to all agencies named in the order instructing them to seal their records. The agencies will notify the court of compliance and when all agencies report they have complied with the order, the records are considered sealed.

If the court does not order your records sealed, you can complete another Juvenile Record Sealing packet at a later date.

You must go through this process for each county in which you have a record.

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