Out-of-Control Teen

You are not alone! Many parents struggle with the challenges of raising teenagers. Here are some ideas of people and services you can access to assist your teen through these difficult years.
  • If you have a good relationship with your teen, make time every day to find out what he/she enjoys, their goals, and what they have done in reaching for those goals.
  • Include your family, friends, and supportive adults in your request for help. Share with them your difficulties in raising your teen. They may have some great suggestions.
  • Talk with your teen's teacher, the school counselor, or the principal.
  • Talk to your teen's doctor.
  • Ensure your teen is getting enough sleep and balanced meals.
  • Reach out to your faith-based organization for assistance.
  • Reach out to your tribe or cultural group for assistance and culturally-based services.
  • Contact the Family Resource Center in your community.
  • Call the Youth Service Bureau for connections to more services in your community at 707-443-8322 Youth Service Bureau.
  • Join the Foster Parent Association - no need to be a foster parent to be a member. This support network will give you a wealth of hands-on knowledge in your own community.
  • Help your teen get active in his/her community through volunteer work, employment, or positive after school activities.
  • Be interested and informed about what your teen does online with friends.
  • Call local law enforcement about gangs in Humboldt County and educate yourself about the warning signs.
  • Educate yourself through the Internet about drugs, gangs, and the hazards tempting teens today.
  • Engage your family in counseling through service providers such as Children, Youth, and Family Services at 707-268-2800, or Changing Tides Family Services (formally Humboldt Child Care Council) at 707-445-1195 Changing Tides.