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Why was Measure Z placed on the ballot?
With $286 million in State takeaways over the past 22 years, Sacramento has taken significant revenue from Humboldt County’s budget, decreasing public safety and other essential services. If Measure Z passes, it will provide a guaranteed source of local funding that cannot be taken by the State on a temporary basis, for 5 years. The Board action to place Measure Z before the voters followed input from a countywide community survey that asked residents about their priorities for local county services. Measure Z will give the community the opportunity to address local services needs among these cuts.

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1. What is Measure Z?
2. Why was Measure Z placed on the ballot?
3. What does Measure Z cost?
4. How will Measure Z address my public safety needs?
5. I’m concerned about the illegal drug industry and increased narcotics use in our region.
6. How will Measure Z enhance County services?
7. When is the election?
8. Where can I get more information about Measure Z?