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How does the Sheriff’s Office find out I have an alarm?

There are currently no alarm systems directly connected to the Sheriff’s Office however, there are several different ways the Sheriff’s Office can be notified of a locations alarm system.

  1. Many alarm companies advise new clients that the Sheriff’s Office may require an alarm system operation permit and advise them to contact the Sheriff’s Office for details.
  2. Monitored alarm systems are maintained by your chosen alarm company. If an alarm is activated the monitoring company calls the Sheriff’s Office dispatch center with a request for service to the alarm location. The monitoring company then gives the dispatcher the alarm address, business or residence name and area of activation. The call is logged; officers are dispatched to the alarm location. Alarm companies do not supply the Sheriff’s Office with records of existing alarm owners, nor do they notify the police if an alarm has been disconnected.
  3. Dispatchers also receive calls from neighboring residents and business owners if an audible alarm is ringing. Officers are dispatched at that time.
  4. Officers on patrol sometimes hear audible alarms and respond to the location.

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