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Do I need a business license to be eligible to apply?

No. The first version of the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) included an error, listing a business license as one of the eligibility criteria to apply. An updated NOFA was released on August 5, 2022 which strikes the business license requirement. The NOFA featured on the webpage is the updated version.

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1. Do I need a business license to be eligible to apply?
2. Will I be taxed on grant funds awarded to me?
3. How do I know if my Measure S taxes are current?
4. When does the application period open?
5. When is the application deadline?
6. Can the application form be printed and mailed or emailed?
7. What if I don’t have a computer, or I am not able to use one to file an application?
8. Can I get reimbursed for past expenses?
9. What if I don't have all of the required items?
10. Why am I being required to submit IRS Form W-9 with my Application?
11. Would the grant monies be able to support purchasing of large 10K to 15K gallon tanks that farmers can use for irrigation of their crops?
12. Are permit fees for County or other agencies an allowable use of funds?
13. Are costs for connecting a cultivation site to PG&E eligible for the Renewable Energy System grant program?
14. Can a property owner who owns more than one property apply for more than one grant to fund improvements on multiple properties?
15. Can a property owner who has multiple cultivation permits or licenses on one property apply for more than one grant?
16. How long should applicants expect to wait for a response to their application?
17. How are applications ranked?
18. If there is a “first come first serve” component to funding, how will I know where my application falls in the eligibility line?
19. Who decides which projects get funded?
20. How do I challenge the ranking of my application?
21. When will the Board of Supervisors make a decision on which projects get funded?
22. How many projects will be funded?
23. If my project received Project Trellis funds for the same project, am I allowed to request funds through this program?
24. How the grant funded projects will be monitored and work completion verified?
25. How do I know if my application will be eligible for funding?
26. How do I know if my parcel is a "legal parcel"
27. What is a "legal parcel?"
28. What information must be in a Scope of Work?