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What is a Joint Information Center?

When an event involves the response of multiple County departments and allied agencies which come together to manage an event, efficient information flow is critical to success and essential to meeting the expectations of the public. A Joint Information Center (JIC) is the way to achieve that information flow. 

A JIC is a group of representatives from the involved departments and agencies designated to handle public information needs. It is part of the Command Staff and is led by the Public Information Officer (PIO). It serves as the ‘hub’ for the release of timely, accurate, consistent, and useful disaster related information. During an emergency, the overall priority of emergency management agencies is to provide maximum protection to public health and property. The goal of a JIC is to provide accurate, timely, and coordinated information to the public and the media. Coordinated information means less confusion, inaccuracies, and duplication of effort. The County of Humboldt’s Joint Information Center Plan was adopted by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on July 15, 2014.

 Joint Information CenterSheriff Honsal speaks to staff members working in the COVID-19 JIC.

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