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How do I transfer Title?

Legal Advice Limitation:               

The Clerk/Recorder’s Office is prohibited from giving legal advice, cannot advise which forms are needed, nor advise how to fill them out.  It may be advisable to consult an Attorney, CPA or Title Agent because of the legal aspects involved in holding title to property or transferring title.

How to Transfer Title:

  • Name changes to the tax records on real property cannot be made by request, only by documents recorded in the office of the Humboldt County Recorder.
  • To change the name(s) on real property, the present owner(s) may execute a new deed conveying the property from the name(s) as they presently appear, to the name(s) that will be used to hold title.  Full names of all parties must be used.  The new deed should state how title will be held, i.e. joint tenants, tenant in common, etc.  The new deed must be acknowledged by a Notary Public.
  • Deed forms may be obtained from stationary stores that carry legal forms or through various websites, including some Title company websites.  They are not available in this office.
  • The deed must be recorded in the county where the property is located.  There is a fee for recordation.  Humboldt County Recorder Fee Schedule.
  • A Preliminary Change of Ownership Form (PCOR) made available by the Humboldt County Assessor, should be completed, signed by the Grantee, and returned with the document at the time of recording.  If it is not completed and submitted, an additional fee of $20.00 will be required for recording.

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