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Why was Measure S placed on the ballot?
Humboldt County prides itself on fiscal responsibility, and protecting your public safety, environment and quality of life. As the state continually takes funding from local counties – over $325 million from Humboldt County alone – Measure S would provide a source of local funding to maintain essential services that cannot be taken by the state, including:
• Enforcing laws that require marijuana growers to protect natural areas and water quality in rivers, creeks and streams
• Maintaining services for victims of child abuse
• Maintaining rural ambulance service
• Maintaining mental health services for children and families
• Providing communications services for medical and first responders
• Cleaning up after environmentally damaging marijuana farms

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1. What is Measure S?
2. Why was Measure S placed on the ballot?
3. How does Measure S help protect our natural resources and beauty of our county?
4. How does Measure S address the illegal drug industry and increased narcotics use in our region?
5. What does Measure S cost?
6. When is the election?
7. Where can I get more information?
8. When will the tax be payable?
9. Will farmers who grow outdoor but have a genetics/cloning area where they have their seeds or starts under lights be considered "outdoor" or "mixed light" for purposes of the tax?