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Will the County help settle a boundary disagreement with my neighbor?
No. The County Surveyor does not survey private property boundaries unless directed to do so by a court and cannot take a side in a boundary disagreement or locate a private property line that may be in question. The County Surveyor can help facilitate solutions if the parties are in agreement in pursuing a resolution to an uncertain, indeterminate, or disputed boundary. These still require the involvement of a private surveyor, and typically will involve a “lot line adjustment” or a “boundary correction” for adjusting or correcting lines. Lot line adjustments are applied for through the County Planning & Building Department and involve adjusting lines to a location the parties agree to. Boundary Corrections are applied for through the County Surveyor and are typically used to conform deeds to existing occupation. In both cases, a private surveyor needs to be involved to create new descriptions and help with any deeds as necessary to complete the process. Setting new property corners and filing a Record of Survey are also required in most instances. In addition to the fees the private surveyor may charge, County fees are required for lot line adjustment and boundary correction applications as well as the review of all associated documents and maps that may be required to complete the adjustment or correction.

Revised 09/26/2014

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