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Where do I obtain a survey map of my property?
Parcel Maps and Final (Tract) Maps, and Record of Survey maps are filed with the County Recorder. In addition, the County Surveyor also maintains a library of unrecorded survey maps. In addition, title companies and surveyors may also have collections of unrecorded survey maps.

Not all properties have necessarily been surveyed. Modern laws and codes generally require a survey for the creation of new properties, but not in all cases. Older properties could be created via deed without benefit of a survey. Research of county records is required in order to determine if an existing map or survey of your property exists. Sometimes a map can be found with minimal research; sometimes it can be more difficult and time consuming. Humboldt County does not yet have a state of the art computerized research system for land records like some metropolitan or urban counties do. The County Surveyor can offer some minimal assistance in getting started locating a survey in the county records, but ultimately a private surveyor may need to be hired. This is a task that a private surveyor is accomplished at and has resources and experience in doing.

revised 09/26/2014

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