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What does the County Administrative Office do?

The County Administrative Office administers and carries out the rules and regulations implemented by the Board of Supervisors. The office is organized around a team concept, and each has a different function.

  • Communications: Manages the county’s utilities, radio, and telephone systems, and cable television franchises
  • Information Technology: Provides network and computer support services for the County of Humboldt government departments
  • Purchasing: Manages vendors, maintain supplies to enable county departments to provide services, purchase at lowest cost consistent with quality and quantity required, surplus sales
  • Economic Development: Brings about comprehensive, community-centered economic development that improves the lives of low-income people
  • Revenue Recovery: collects court fines as directed by the Superior Court of California, outstanding fees due to the county in association to court cases, Victim Restitution, and other delinquent fees owed to various county departments
  • Management and Budget: assists the Board of Supervisors in development and implementation of policies, recommends the annual budget and legislative platforms to the board for adoption, compiles the fee schedule, and assists in the administration and operation of county departments by monitoring the use of financial and human resources

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1. What does the County Administrative Office do?
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