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What do Public Defender's do?
The Humboldt County Public Defender provides legal representation to indigent clients who are charged with the commission of a criminal offense alleged to have been committed in this county.

The office also represents minors against whom delinquency petitions have been filed in the juvenile courts of Humboldt County, and clients who are the subject of conservatorship proceedings in the Mental Health departments of the Superior Court.

The Public Defender does not represent people in family court, traffic court or on civil matters.

If you have any concern about talking to the police you can always request time to consult with an attorney before having any conversation with them. You have a right to speak to an attorney. The law requires that you be provided an attorney before and during any questioning at no expense to you if you cannot afford to hire one. You should not give up this right merely because the people questioning you ask you to or because it may take more time to complete the interview.

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