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What is the basic process for getting a building permit?
For small scale projects such as new roofs or new electrical service, building permits can be issued the same day. These are commonly known as over the counter permits and are issued within thirty minutes or less. For other larger scale projects, building permits usually take two to three months for a typical project, and follow seven basic steps.

1) Application Submittal - At a minimum, a property owner submits a project description and plot plan to the Building Inspection Division for review. Complete construction plans are often submitted but not required at this step.

2) Preliminary Investigation - Building Division staff review the submittal for site suitability and other permit requirements. Application fees are collected at this time.

3) Presite Inspection - In coordination with the applicant, a Building Inspector visits the project site to confirm the features shown on the plot plan. The applicant is provided a copy of the presite inspection report from the Building Inspector.

4) Referrals - Once the plot plan is complete and construction plan have been received, the application is sent to other reviewing agencies such as the Environmental Health Division and Public Works Department.

5) Construction Plan Review - A Plan Checker reviews the construction plans for conformance with state building codes. This step often involves revisions to the construction plans.

6) Permit Issuance - After the referrals are returned by the reviewing agencies and construction plans have been approved, the permit may be issued to the applicant. Any final plan check and permit issuance fees are collected at this time.

7) Inspections - During construction, Building Inspectors regularly visit the project site to assure conformance with the approved construction plans.

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