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Is this lot “buildable”?
There are many factors that determine if a lot is buildable. These include availability of water, sewer and electricity services, topography and geologic stability, proximity to archeological and environmentally sensitive areas, and utility easements. A comprehensive understanding of all of these factors is essential to determining whether a parcel is buildable.

Building in Shelter Cove can prove challenging in many ways. A parcel with steep topography located outside of the sewered area may be unable to develop a septic system meeting the requirements of the Environmental Health Division. Topography can also affect a project’s ability to meet Public Works requirements for driveway slope. To accommodate development, a parcel must provide sufficient setbacks from streams, wetlands and other habitats.

Consultation with Planning Division staff is recommended before purchasing a parcel or starting a project. Potential buyers are also encouraged to visit Shelter Cover to better understand site conditions. Consultation with professionals specializing in geologic, engineering, or biological issues may also be required when evaluating a purchase or project.

Purchasers and owners should be aware that dealing with any of these site specific issues often increases the cost of development.

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1. Is this lot “buildable”?
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