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ADA Access Service Request for County Maintained Roads

  1. County of Humboldt - The Home of the Redwoods Seal
  2. ADA Access Service Request for County Maintained Roads
    Do you have an accessibility problem with a county maintained road? Use this form to report a problem. After submitting the form, it will be distributed to both the Department of Public Works as well as the County's ADA Coordinator. The first thing staff will do is verify if the problem is on a County maintained road.
  3. If the problem is not on a County maintained road,
    the Department of Public Works will advise you to contact the party responsible for that road.
  4. If the problem is on a County maintained road,
    your request will be investigated and a plan to resolve the problem will be put in place. In some instances, such as vegetation growing over the sidewalk, the fronting landowner will be notified of the problem and is obligated to resolve the problem. In some instances, such as a utility pole blocking passage, the utility company will be notified and is obligated to resolve the problem. In other instances, such as a problem with the curb ramp, the County is responsible for addressing the problem.
  5. Picture of an urban road emphasizing the sidewalk and landscape strip
  6. In addition, if the Department of Public Works is not clear about what the problem is,
    staff will contact you to discuss your concerns; therefore it is helpful if you provide the County with your name and contact information. Some problems such as having vegetation trimmed or trash cans removed can happen fairly quickly. Other problems such as constructing a curb ramp may take a significant amount of time.
  7. Have questions?
    Please call the Department of Public Works ~ Road Maintenance Division at 707.445.7421
  8. Please complete one form for each site.
  9. What is the specific problem?*
    Check ALL boxes that apply:
  10. Tell us what the problem is and what you think the County should do to fix it.
  11. If you have photos of the problem you may include them. Click the BROWSE button to upload photos.
  12. Where is the problem located at?
    The County needs to know exactly where the problem is. Without knowing where the problem is, we cannot work to address the problem. There are 3 ways to identify the location of the problem area. The most accurate way is using google maps coordinates. The second most accurate way is to provide an Assessor Parcel Number. The third way is by providing an address. Please consider using the google map coordinates as it provides the County with the most accurate location. Instructions for finding coordinates or the Assessor Parcel Number will be shown when you select the appropriate option.
  13. (Example: 40.780407, -124.161374) Instructions: Using Google Maps, insert a Placemark at the location where the problem is located. Copy and paste the coordinates into the cell below. For help use the link below for the Google Maps Help File.
  14. Instructions: The APN is a 12 digit number. (Example: 404-023-018-000) You can find an APN using the County's Geographic Information System (GIS). The link to the GIS is shown below.
  15. (Example: 1106 Second Street, Eureka)
  16. What is your contact information?
    We require your name and telephone number or email address in case we need to contact you regarding the problem. If we cannot find the problem, then we can't fix it. If you don't have a phone number, please provide us with your email address or mailing address.
  17. If you do not have a telephone, please enter 555-555-5555
  18. If you don't have a telephone number, please enter your email address. If you don't have a telephone number or an email address, please enter your mailing address.
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