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1. Who can order a Certified Copy of a Vital Record? (Who is an authorized Party?)
2. How can I get a copy of a Vital Record if I am NOT an authorized Party?
3. Does my partner have to be present when buying the marriage license?
4. Can we walk in and have a ceremony?
5. Initially, I wanted to list a name change pursuant to the Name Equality Act of 2007 but have changed my mind. Can I correct this information?
6. I was born in another county (or state). Can I purchase a certified copy of my birth record in Humboldt County?
7. Can my birth certificate be e-mailed to me?
8. What is the difference between a certified copy and a certified informational copy?
9. Does the sworn statement need to be notarized?
10. I currently live in a foreign country and need to apply for an authorized copy of a vital record. How can I get the sworn statement notarized?
11. Will I receive a refund for my request if no record is found by your office?
12. I ordered my birth certificate from a private third party. Can I get my money refunded?
13. How do I get my birth certificate if I was born overseas but to U.S. citizens?
14. I am homeless and do not have the funds to obtain a birth certificate. Is there any assistance offered to homeless individuals?