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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the cost of participating in the Check Enforcement Program?
2. How do I register for the program?
3. Can I put more than 1 check on a Check Complaint Form?
4. Will the Check Enforcement Program get all my money back for me?
5. When will I receive the money the program recovers?
6. What kind of checks can I send to the Check Enforcement Program?
7. Do you accept stop payment checks?
8. Why won’t you accept fictitious, fraudulent, lost, stolen, or counterfeit checks?
9. Why should I contact the check writer 1st before submitting a bad check?
10. Why are pre- or post-dated or held checks not accepted?
11. Why aren’t checks for payment in advance accepted?
12. I cashed a paycheck and it came back stamped NSF. Can I send it to the Check Enforcement Program?
13. Why can’t I get the posted service fee I normally charge for a returned check?
14. Why aren’t the check writers prosecuted right away?
15. Is there a dollar limit for checks submitted?
16. Am I required to send a certified letter to the NSF check writer before I refer the check to the District Attorney?
17. What do I do if I receive payment after the check has been sent to your office?
18. What happens if the check writer has not paid and you are unable to prosecute?