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1. What is a mobile home?
2. I have a recreational vehicle (RV), is it considered a mobile home?
3. My mobile home is sitting on a permanent foundation on my property - how will it be taxed?
4. Under which circumstances would my mobile home automatically become subject to local property taxes as opposed to in-lieu license fees?
5. Are there any advantages to changing from in-lieu license fees to local property taxation?
6. How do I find out if I am entitled to the homeowner's exemption?
7. How can I change taxation of my mobile home from license fees to the local property tax system?
8. If my mobile home currently is subject to local property taxation, can I request reinstatement of vehicle license fees?
9. If I buy a used mobile home subject to local property taxes, how do I get the title transferred to my name?
10. If I purchase a used mobile home or modify my mobile home by construction, will I have to pay supplemental taxes?
11. How is the amount of my mobile home property taxes determined?
12. Do I have any recourse if I disagree with the valuation placed on my mobile home by the assessor?
13. What happens if I fail to pay my mobile home property taxes on time?