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1. What is a short-term rental?
2. What kinds of short-term rentals are currently legal?
3. How do I make my voice heard in the process?
4. Will traditional Bed and Breakfast be regulated by this ordinance?
5. Will people that operate short-term rentals have to pay Transient Occupancy Tax?
6. What is the effect of the Short-term Rental Moratorium?
7. When can I register to get in line for a permit?
8. Is it possible to get a permit for a Short-term Rental now?
9. When will I be able to get a permit for my Short-term Rental?
10. Will my existing Short-term Rental be grandfathered in?
11. What type of permit will be required for a Short-term Rental?
12. How much will it cost to get a permit for a Short-term Rental?