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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is this an update of an existing website?
2. Will the web designer be expected to create all features for the website?
3. Why are you creating a separate website from the main Humboldt County Planning and Building website?
4. What is the budget for this project?
5. Is there a scoring matrix?
6. Is there a preference for local vendors?
7. Will we consider proposals from foreign (outside of the USA) firms?
8. Is there preference given to women and minority owned businesses?
9. Would we accept references from outside of the United States?
10. Does the county of Humboldt have a style guide?
11. Is there an organizational preference for open-source versus Content Management System?
12. Are there multi-lingual requirements?
13. What advanced features are desired?
14. Does the county prefer a platform?
15. Do we require research on audience?
16. Do we have a desired launch date?
17. How many site administrators will you have?
18. Will you require different levels of administrative permissions?
19. Is there an incumbent designer for this project?
20. Will the 12-14 pages be unique or template?
21. Are editing and copywriting services required?
22. Will one design theme be carried across the whole site?
23. Will in-person meetings be required?