Elections & Voter Registration

The Humboldt County Office of Elections strives to ensure that all eligible residents are able to exercise their right to vote; that elections are held in a fair, accurate, and efficient manner; and to provide reliable information and the best possible service to voters, media, and other interested parties.

Conditional voting has arrived! 

Sometimes called "same day voting", conditional voting is now an option for Humboldt County residents. Beginning January 1, 2017, Humboldt County residents can come into the Humboldt County Office of Elections on Election Day and conditionally vote. More information about conditional voting, including who is eligible to vote conditionally, is available on our Conditional Voting page.  

Current Elections

Statewide General Election
November 6, 2018

Qualified Candidate Summary.
Qualified Measure Summary
     Measure H. City of Blue Lake Tax.
     Measure I. City of Eureka Tax.
     Measure J. City of Rio Dell Tax.
     Measure K. County Ordinance by Initiative.
     Measure L. Cutten School Bond.
     Measure M. City of Arcata Initiative. 
     Measure N. NHUHSD School Bond.
     Measure O. County Tax.
Available Offices - Special Districts.
Available Offices - School Districts.
Candidate Guide
Political Signage
Voter Information Request.
Elections Fee Schedule.

Upcoming Elections

Election Cycle Changes

Pursuant to Senate Bill 415, many school and special districts in Humboldt County are required to move to even-year general elections to increase voter turnout. Other districts are electing to move for the same reason. Voters within these districts will receive notification postcards by mail. 

Election Cycle Change Statuses

School Districts.
Special Districts.