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Fire-adapted Landscapes And Safe Homes (FLASH) Interest Form

  1. **Update 2/19/21: The amount of interest received to date will likely exhaust existing grant funds for this round of the FLASH Program. You may submit an interest form if you would like to be added to the waiting list and notified if an opening becomes available. The waiting list will be maintained until early 2024 when the Program ends. Please know that we will continue to seek additional funds to support this program and our ability to serve the needs of all interested landowners.**

  2. Please complete the fields below to notify the Program Manager of your interest and ensure you receive future updates about FLASH. Completion of this form does NOT guarantee financial assistance of any kind. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Please indicate the type of work you are interested in doing/having done through the FLASH cost-share program:*

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    Priority will be given to groups of adjacent properties, particularly in high risk areas, so as to create a landscape (rather than islands) of defensible space within target neighborhoods.

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