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Damage Report - 2019-10 PG&E Power Shutoff

  1. 1. Where in Humboldt County do you live?

  2. 5. How were you notified that you would lose power?

    Check all that apply

  3. 6. How did the outage affect your work?

  4. 7. Please select all that apply to your household:

  5. 8. If you own or run a business, how was it impacted?

    Select all that apply

  6. For items 9 through 13, please indicate business revenue, personal income, and other financial losses or outage-related expenses below.

  7. 14. What emergency supplies did you have before the outage was announced?

  8. 15. What communications and data systems were unavailable to you during the outage? (Check all that apply.)

  9. 16. Please select the most accurate statement about your household’s disaster preparedness.

  10. 17. Please select all that apply:

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