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Humboldt County Library Donation Form

  1. 1313 Third Street, Eureka CA, 95501-0546

  2. Enter the amount of your gift as shown on your check. Please make the check payable to Humboldt County Library.

  3. Is your gift a memorial or tribute? *

  4. Please add a book plate if books are purchased with this gift (optional)

  5. Would you like to specify a branch to receive your gift?*

  6. Please select the branch.

  7. Send an acknowledgement to an additional person (optional)

  8. Check one of the following.*

    Note: If you give $200 or more and do not request to remain anonymous, your name will be included on the Board of Supervisors' Library Agenda.

  9. Optional: Please use my gift for the following purposes (check one or more).

  10. Your gift in support of the library will be used and enjoyed by the community for years to come and can be a thoughtful way of honoring or remembering someone special.

  11. Thank you for supporting the Humboldt County Library.

    Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. To help us use your gift as you desire, please print this form and send or bring it to any branch of the library with your donation.

  12. Humboldt County Library, 1313 Third St., Eureka CA 95501


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