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Vendor Feedback Form

  1. Lunch on the Green Vendor Survey

    Thank you for your participation in our recent event. Please take a few minutes to share your feedback regarding your experience. Your comments will be used to improve future events.

  2. Event: Lunch on the Green

  3. Date/Time: October 8, 2018 11am-2pm

  4. Location: Halvorsen Park, 1003 Waterfront Dr., Eureka

  5. How did you find out about Lunch on the Green (LOTG)?*

  6. Did you receive all of the information that you needed from event coordinators prior to LOTG?*

  7. On a scale from 1 to 5, please indicate your satisfaction with the following aspects of the event:

  8. Would you be interested in attending LOTG in the future?*

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