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Poll Worker Application

  1. Poll Worker Application

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Poll Worker! Being a Poll Worker is a rewarding experience and a vital role in the electoral process. Without Poll Workers, the Office of Elections could not conduct elections!

  2. Eligibility Requirements

    1. Able to read and write English.
    2. Registered voter*.
    *Requirement 2 (being registered to vote) is waived if you are a:

    • High school student 16-17 years of age with a GPA of 2.5 or greater;
    • Permanent resident of the United States.

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  4. Enter your first, middle (or initial), and last name as registered.

  5. Check all that apply.*

  6. Are you are high school student?*

  7. Are you employed with the County of Humboldt?*

  8. Do you speak multiple languages?*

  9. Do you have a valid California Driver's License and automobile insurance?*

  10. Check all of the positions you are applying for.*

    Clerk & Half-Clerk: Requires commitment to a precinct board team. Requires poll worker training.
    Inspector: Leads team. Requires coordinating with facilities and team. Requires additional training.
    Rovers: Traveling troubleshooter. Requires additional training. Requires valid driver's license and automobile insurance. COUNTY EMPLOYEES ONLY.
    E-Night Worker: Works Election Day after the polls close. COUNTY EMPLOYEES ONLY.

  11. Can you be ONCALL for Election Day?*

    ONCALL poll workers are available on Election Day from 6 am to 10 pm to fill a vacancy.

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