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HCAAP - Request a Private Defense Attorney

  1. HCAAP Attorney Request Form
    The Humboldt County Superior Court, Humboldt County Public Defender and/or Conflict Counsel may request a private defense attorney to represent a defendant. Requests will be received by the County Administrative Office, who will process the request. This form includes certain information that must be included with the request to secure a private defense attorney through the Humboldt County Court Appointed Attorney Program (HCAAP). Please note: Each defendant will need a separate request form to be filled out and submitted.
  4. Type of Case*
  5. Level of Attorney Requested*
  6. Attorney Classes
    Class 1 - Cases where a defendant is charged with felonies listed in paragraphs (1), (2), (7), and (16) of subd. (c) of Penal Code section 667.5.
    Class 2 - Felonies as defined in Penal Code section 667.5 NOT listed in Class 1; AND all other felonies carrying a maximum exposure of 10 years or more; OR a combination of felonies, AND/OR a combination of felonies and special allegations carrying a maximum exposure of 10 years or more. Sexually violent predator cases are included in Class 2.
    Class 3 - All felonies not described by Classes 1 and 2, and any misdemeanor that requires registration as a sex offender. Misdemeanor appeals are included in Class 3.
    Class 4 - All misdemeanors not described by Class 3 and misdemeanor appeals.
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