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Why curbside service?

Curbside service is still available at all branches, as many people are not vaccinated or have family members with compromised heath, and have reason to be cautious.

This service plan has been approved by the Humboldt County Department of Health, and is designed to meet the safety needs of library users who are at risk. This service is a practical way to provide you with books you can hold in your hand, films that can go in your dvd player, and music and magazines in non-digital formats.

As of May 2021, most branches of the library also offer Express Service. Wear your mask and step into a library for an efficient visit. Pick out your own materials -- and check them out without a long line.

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2. I have a disability (or am at high risk). I can't come during the official Curbside Pickup time (or there is another barrier). How can I arrange pickup?
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4. Why can't I donate books or other items now?
5. Why curbside service?
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