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Are tax forms available for curbside delivery?

Yes!  Most paper tax forms can be provided to you via curbside delivery. The following forms are available at the Eureka Main Library whenever you drop by during curbside service hours. Most library branches have these ready for you as well, but you might want to call ahead to check if your branch has Spanish or Nonresident booklets.

IRS Federal Income Tax Forms

  • IRS 1040 Forms Packet, has Schedules 1, 2, & 3   
  • IRS 1040 Instruction Book
  • IRS 1040 Forms Packet in Spanish, has Schedules 1, 2, & 3 
  • IRS 1040 Instruction Book in Spanish

California Income Tax Forms

  • CA 540 Booklet (includes forms)
  • CA 540 NR Booklet (includes forms)
  • CA 540 2-EZ Booklet (includes forms)
  • CA 540 2-EZ Spanish Booklet (includes forms)

If you need tax forms not on the list above, please call ahead so that we can print them and have them ready for you.  The library can print most forms. However, for forms over 16 pages, or forms that are in triplicate, non-printable format, please order directly from the tax authorities. You may also check to see if certain triplicate forms, such as 1099 forms, are available for purchase at Arcata Stationers / Pacific Paper, or at H&R Block.

More about tax forms and tax help at the library.                      Back to Curbside Service Info.

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