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How and when can I return library materials?

It is important for your safety and library staff safety to return library materials into the book drop, and only into the book drop.

All Book Returns are Now Open Daily - Except in Blue Lake.

In most library branches, it is now possible to safely quarantine books and keep the book drop open for your convenience. Books are not checked in immediately after you return them, instead they go into quarantine. ’Book Safety Quarantine’ (6 days or more) is a key factor in our ability to provide virus-free paper books, magazines, CDs and DVDs to you. 

When Are Returned Items Checked In?

Because your returned items are placed in quarantine, it will be at least a week before they are checked in. Items may show as overdue on your account. Please don’t worry. Any fines on books that become overdue while in safety quarantine are waived. You will not be charged.

What About Zip Books and Interlibrary Loans?

In the past,these items could only be returned in person to a staff member.  For now, please package them securely in a padded mailer before you put them in the book drop. (When you are returning a Zip Book, a ziplock bag is also fine.) If you have an urgent need to return a book but don’t have the right packaging, please call the library for instructions.

What if the Book Return is Locked?

Sometimes a book drop gets full. This means that you may find a book drop isn’t available when we thought it would be. Please keep your items if that happens, and contact the library.

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