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How and when can I return library materials?

When the library isn't open for Express Service, please return library materials into the book drop.

All Book Returns are Now Open Daily - Except in Blue Lake.

Library book drops are open for your convenience. Also, now that libraries have Express Service hours, you may return books inside during Express Service hours.

Book safety quarantine has ended. 

This is due to new studies that say the chance of catching COVID from surfaces is much lower than was thought before. Safety measures such as washing your hands frequently are still recommended.

How do I Return Zip Books and Interlibrary Loans?

Return them in person to a staff member during Express hours. If you need to return them in the book drop, please package them securely in a padded mailer. (When you are returning a Zip Book, a zip-lock bag is also fine.) 

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3. How and when can I return library materials?
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