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Why are we doing this?

This is a critical intervention to reduce harm from the spread of the coronavirus in our community. There are cases of community transmission of the virus in other communities, which is easily spread between people.

Because the virus spreads so easily, without dramatic intervention like this Order it would result in so many people needing medical attention in a hospital setting that our hospitals will be overwhelmed. If we do not take steps to slow the spread, we may not have enough beds or equipment to adequately care for the most seriously ill. Our health care workers and other first responders are also at risk, and if they get sick there are fewer people to provide health care and first response services. 

If this succeeds, it means that there will be health care available for those who get sick with COVID-19 or who need emergency medical care for accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and other routine medical conditions. The Order also protects everyone’s ability to seek emergency health care when needed. 

Now is the time to do everything we can to prevent the situation from getting much worse in a matter of days or weeks. Every hour counts. We need and appreciate the cooperation of everyone who lives and works in Humboldt County to act immediately.

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1. When does this Health Order become effective?
2. What does this Order do?
3. What does it mean to “shelter in place”?
4. What is the difference between “sheltering in place” and “social distancing”?
5. Am I allowed to leave my home while this Order is in effect?
6. What activities are considered essential?
7. Why is this Order in place?
8. What happens if I don’t comply with this Order?
9. Can I leave home to visit friends or family members if there is no urgent need?
10. How will I get food and medicines I need if I must “shelter in place” in my home?
11. What kinds of businesses are considered essential, according to the Order of the Health Officer?
12. What does it mean to provide “Essential Infrastructure”?
13. What about first responders?
14. Is this Health Order mandatory or is it just guidance?
15. Can I still seek non-essential medical care like eye exams, teeth cleaning, elective procedures, etc.?
16. What medical and health-related activities are considered essential?
17. How do I obtain medical or recreational cannabis?
18. What if my pet needs access to care?
19. Should I stock up on food, necessities like toilet paper, and on medicines?
20. Can I still get mail and deliveries?
21. Can I still order the things I need online and have them delivered to my residence?
22. Can I get my prescriptions or other health care supplies? Can I leave home to go to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled?
23. Can I visit loved ones in the hospital, nursing home, skilled nursing facility, or other residential care facility?
24. Are non-profit organizations allowed to continue operating?
25. Where does this Order apply?
26. I run an “Essential Business,” as defined by the Order. Do I need to get an official letter of authorization from the County to operate?
27. Can I leave home to go to my church, synagogue, or mosque?
28. Am I allowed to leave the areas covered by this Order in order to travel to/from a job outside the County? Does the Order allow me to leave the County?
29. Why are we doing this?
30. Can I leave home to exercise?
31. Are Humboldt County Parks open during the Shelter in Place Order?
32. Can I go out to do laundry or have my laundry done?
33. Can I get a ride in my favorite ride share/on demand service or a taxi?
34. If I’m outside the county travelling for vacation or business, am I allowed to come home?