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Make the text on the library website bigger

There are at least two ways to do this 

(1) You can use control-plus. This is really easy, and works on most web pages! Hold down the control button (or, on a Mac, the command button or apple button) and press the  + key. Each time you press the plus key you zoom in and make the text and pictures on the page bigger. Using control-minus (hold control, then press the dash key, it’s right next to the plus key) will make the text smaller again. 

(2) You may prefer to use your computer’s Accessibility tools to see all or part of the page in a larger size. Since computers differ in how to get to these tools, use Google to get instructions if they aren’t easy to find on your computer. 

(3) If you see a symbol on the page with the letter A starting small and getting bigger, click that to make a modest change in size.  text enlargement tool symbol, little A, middle sized A, large A

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