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Contact the Webmaster about the library website

If you have a question....

If you have a question that needs an answer, please call the Main Library Reference Desk at 707-269-1905. Librarians can answer questions about the website and any kind of information questions over the telephone. 

If you have a comment or suggestion for our website, or a website problem to report....

use our Library Website Comment Form. The link is below. Use it for specific comments and suggestions about the website or to report website problems you have spotted such as broken links, errors or pages that need more information. The library website is intended to serve you. The webmaster appreciates your comments and will read them with care in hopes of improving the site for everyone.

Website Comment Form

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1. Get a library card
2. Renew a book
3. Download books, audiobooks, and magazines
4. Make the text on the library website bigger
5. Get a book the library doesn't have
6. Use the library's free Internet
7. Ask a question when I'm not in the library
8. Contact the Webmaster about the library website
9. Make sure I hear about events at the library
10. Search for a film at the library
11. Why is the library closed on Mondays?